Top 10 Rankings In Google

Getting top 10 rankings in Google will take 4 very important things. In this post, I’ll talk about some things you can do to increase your chances of getting top 10 rankings, however, keep in mind that nobody can guarantee you will ever get top 10 rankings.

1. Domain name -Your domain name tells Google what your website is about. So it is important that if you are coming up with a new website that you pick a domain that has your keyword intent in it. For example, if you are doing SEO for Filipino bloggers, then a good domain might be (the Filipino slang of saying “Do SEO”).

2. On-page SEO – The second step is to do good on-page SEO. Which means set the correct meta settings. Top 10 rankings in Google will not be attainable if you do not set the title, page name, keywords, & description with the correct keywords.

3. Content – It is also critical that you keep your content 100% unique. Write it yourself, or hire a professional writer to write your content, but either way, make sure it is 100% unique. You can double check it at

4. Link building – Lastly, you’ll need to build links. Link building is the biggest portion of on-page SEO. You need to get people to link to you and use the correct anchor texts. For example, each Link to your site is a vote. Google gives weight to your links provided they use the correct anchor texts. So you should be trying to acquire links from sites relevant to yours and also with the right words in the anchor text.

If you’re looking for some more help with your SEO, you might want to check out my SEO Training Philippines One-On-One Mentorship Program on this site. Remember, the top 10 rankings in Google will take time, but if you do the things I teach in my One-On-One Mentorship Program, you’ll make it to the top 10 rankings in Google in no time!