SEO Training Philippines

SEO Training Philippines is a One-On-One Mentorship program for filipino bloggers. The goal is to take your website to the top of the search engines in no time!

About SEO Training Philippines One-On-One Mentorship Program

So, you are reading this page right now because you clicked a link from Google using the phrase “seo training philippines” right? So thank you because you’ve added from this blog’s growing traffic! And that proves my point!

Most bloggers interested in SEO had the chance to watch those self-proclaimed “Gurus” in both Youtube and in local seminars. But let’s be honest, none of those methods works in the long-term because they don’t really teach you the good stuff. All they care is your money and once Google pushed their updates, you are back to square one again.

So allow me to present to you my first ever SEO Training Philippines mentorship program. Don’t worry, this is not your typical SEO Youtube and local trainings. This is a practical approach. this is the real thing!

SEO Training Philippines Mentorship program is an online program and its my way to help fellow filipino bloggers learn from my SEO knowledge in an original way. The idea is very cleaver and very simple: We take your brand new or existing website and do some optimization which is hands-on and in real-time.

This is a very good opportunity specially those who are new to search engine optimization because they get to take a close look on their website on how it will be optimized to get a high ranking on search engines.

On this One-On-One Mentorship, you will learn my unique SEO approach, you will also find excellent information on the Basics of SEO and SEO in general that is not been teached before. The SEO information that you will find in my mentorship program is very relevant to the actions that we as bloggers are facing on our day to day blogging activities.

Some words about your soon to be SEO Mentor

My name is Dong Ma, founder of ISEOMO. I like to call myself the “money making blogger”. I am part of the blogosphere for many years now. I managed to achieve some nice success with some internet ventures along with some others ventures that did not make it all the way up. In the last six years I’ve been doing a lot in the WWW environment.

I have developed so many blogs and managed to make a decent amount of money just by blogging. When I am not busy, I am always online specially in facebook just lurking around.

So if you want to take your blog to the next level, you can always contact me or PM me in facebook to learn more about my SEO Training Philippines One-On-One Mentorship program.